Vinum 2019

Let’s drink…!

From 25 April to 28 April, 1 May and 4-5 May 2019 the city of Alba is immersed in the thousands and more colours of the wine: the squares of the historic centre become a stage for the most important resource of Piedmont. The wine cellars of the area, from the most famous to the smallest producer, offer different typologies of wine, leaving room for the wines DOCG of our area: THE ALTA LANGA!

For every type of wine there is a combined gastronomic traditional product: from hazelnut-pie to sausages, cheese, sweet truffles, to appreciate at full-potential the excellences of the territory. A “Taschino” (pocket) is given to the visitors with a free glass, symbol of the event, with which you can enter all the stands for the tastings.

Alba transforms itself in a welcoming and joyful place for the tourists… or better, wine-tourists!

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