Movida y Comida

June, July and August only Music… On Tuesday!

They also reconfirmed this year the Tuesdays of the “Movida Y Comida y Bailar” from 12 June until 14 August 2018. Each of the evenings will start from 19.30 to end at 23.30.
Bars, pubs and beerhouses in the historical centre, cover Alba with a different light with their live-music: lively and full of life at the same time; it does not matter the musical genre, the notes wrap the city up and are the background for those who, seated in the dehors of the bars, refresh themselves with cocktails and drinks, ending the evening in the various outdoor discos or in the area, living this day of the week as a new Saturday in Alba!

Special evening Tuesday  June 26 in Piazza San Paolo with the samba, a big party starring the historic group of percussion Timbales that will propose dances and typical Brazilian rhythms.

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